United Methodist Men – big league ministry

New Hanover UMC’s softball team took home the trophy in this year’s Softball Tournament hosted by Eastern Pennsylvania Conference United Methodist Men.  Congratulations!

Conference United Methodist Men certainly have “bragging rights” for the host of ministry projects they have been involved in this past year.

From hosting a potato drop at Annual Conference to a UMM softball tournament to encouraging scouting in our churches, according to EPA UMM president, Ross Brightwell, the list of ministry keeps getting longer as more men become involved.

Currently, the conference UMM are researching the involvement of churches in prison ministry and scouting.

Ross’s List of Twenty Eastern Pennsylvania Conference UMM activities:

1. Had successful “UM Night at the Phillies” – had 2,650 United Methodists buy tickets.  West Lawn UMC’s choir sang the National Anthem.  UMC Chaplain Lt.Col. Nicolas Camacho threw out the first pitch.

2. Had a successful UMM Golf tournament that raised $3,200 for needy veterans in Philadelphia and to buy malaria nets to send to Africa as part of the “UMC Nothing But Nets” program.

3. Had a successful UMM Softball Tournament that brought together teams from seven UMC churches.  New Hanover UMC won.  The new trophy plaque now hangs at the EPA Conference office.

4. Held a UMM rally for the SW District at Millersville UMC.  We thank the Bishop for attending and speaking.  We thank Rev. Mike Johnson for being the keynote speaker.  We are now planning one in the NW District at Pottsville UMC in November with rallies in the other four Districts over the winter.

5. Filled all six Presidencies for the six Districts.

6. Adding two at-large members to our Board to insure that we have a representative of the Latino ministry and the Inner-city ministry.

7. Planning a Prison Ministry Seminar that will be open to all.   It will be held at Albright College probably in January or February.

8. I have spoken at three Sunday morning church services, presenting new Charters and promoting men’s ministry through the UMM, and at six Saturday morning UMM breakfasts or Monday night dinners.   I thank Bishop Peggy Johnson and Rev. Mike Johnson for participating in some of these.  I also note NE Dist. UMM President Chares Ferguson for his outreach in his District and his work with Pocono Plateau.

9. Purchased a golf cart for Gretna Glen UMC Retreat Center

10. Built four new cabins at Pocono Plateau UMC Retreat Center

11. Donated $1,000 to Inabah UMC Retreat Center.

12. Planning the “Bishop’s Dinner to Recognize Scouting” that will be held next Spring.  Gathering basic data as to what UM churches now sponsor Boy and Girl Scout Troops

13. Sent our EPC UMM Scouting Coordinator to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico as an instructor.

14. Made financial donations to various causes.

15. Attended all appropriate General Commission on UMM meetings to include the National Association of Conference President’s in Nashville.

16. Continue to collect Bibles to distribute to the various prisons here in the EPA Conference.

17. Doing follow-up work with churches in support of the “Potato Drop” anti-hunger program that we of the UMM are spearheading here in the EPC with the St. Andrew’s Society.

18. Our UMM Prison Ministry Coordinator and his team continue to visit prisoners in our EPC area prisons.

19. Held a major Conference wide seminar on reaching out to men between the ages of 19 to 39 with the key note speaker being David Kinnaman, President of the Barna Group of California


Would your church like to start its own chartered United Methodist Men?  Please contact Ross Brightwell, 1050 Limekiln Pike, Maple Glen, PA  19002; Ph.  215/643-1269rossbrightwell@verizon.net.

Please contact these persons about your church’s prison ministry or scouting ministry:

Prison Ministry Coordinator – Gary Spiecker (215)535-1927 or gspiecker@aol.com

Scouting Ministry Coordinator: Doug Ellis  (215) 740-6412 or Dsellis@comcast.net