Stop Hunger Now food shipment leaves for Kenya

The meals packaged at the Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference in May are leaving for Kenya – part of a container with 285,120 meals!

At Annual Conference in May, amid the noise of a clanging gong and motivating music, delegates and Youth Day participants worked together in assembly lines packaging dehydrated, high protein, and highly nutritious meals for distribution by Stop Hunger Now; this event was organized in response to our Ministry with the Poor emphasis of the annual gathering.

Now,  the 2,500 meals from our Meal Packaging Event at Annual Conference have left the Philadelphia Warehouse of Stop Hunger Now, part of a 40′ shipping container that contains a total of 285,120 meals.

Bound for Kenya for distribution by Bright Hope International, Kenya, they will be enjoyed by thousands of children in school feeding programs.

About Bright Hope International

“Bright Hope’s focus has always been to serve the poorest people in the world—those living on less than one dollar a day. We serve in remote villages and towns where there are no resources except for loving leaders who want to help lift their communities out of the crushing effects of severe poverty and give them hope for a better future.  We join forces with people already in place in their home countries, because they have the knowledge, cultural experience and insight needed to work effectively. While they have these elements, they often lack the financial resources they need to carry the work out.   There are millions of refugees in Eastern Africa – Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, and Somalia that struggle against hunger, persecution, and hopelessness. One path to a brighter future is education.  In 2006, Bright Hope began providing school fees, nutritious meals, uniforms, textbooks, and other supplies to encourage children to attend and to thrive in school. Most refugee children have experienced only pain, loss, and upheaval. They cannot imagine a future of anything else. We believe that an education and school feeding programs instill hope in each child and their family.”

Andrew Sullivan, program manager for Stop Hunger Now in Philadelphia, said, “Tremendous thanks again to all of you, and many hopes for our sustained and continued partnerships — lives are being changed because of you!”   

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