Fast for Pennsylvania’s Vulnerable

Fast for PA’s Vulnerable supports Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable citizens during the state budget debate.

Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable – children, persons living in poverty, the elderly, and persons with disabilities – are at risk in the 2011-2012 state budget.

Fast for PA’s Vulnerable is our expression of deep concern through prayer, for our elected leaders during the budget process. We believe these are moral decisions, moral choices they are making. We believe it is important to tell our leaders to enact a moral budget.

More information is available to help. You can download free bulletin inserts and a guide to various types of fasts for use by congregations.  A copy of the logo and a Word version of the types of fasts are also available  We encourage individuals and congregations to become involved in Fast for PA’s Vulnerable—and to encourage your legislators to do so as well.

Government’s top priority must be caring for the most vulnerable in our midst. That means making sure they are not pawns in this highly politicized environment.

We pray are for God to touch the hearts of our elected leaders. We pray they find solutions to protect the vulnerable. We pray they set side today’s extreme partisanship and do what is right for the poor, the sick, and the homeless.

We pray that concerned citizens will join us, and will contact their leaders to express their concerns.

As an expression of prayer, fasting can take many forms. Some persons move from solid foods to a diet of fluids, juices, and water. Others abstain from a meal and use that time for prayer. Still others make different forms of personal sacrifices and utilize that time as a period of prayer. Persons considering a fast involving modification of their diet should check with their health practitioner before starting.

Pennsylvania is in a financial crisis and our leaders face difficult choices. We believe these should be moral decisions, not political decision designed to please one group at the expense of the vulnerable who live in our midst.

The fast will continue until the General Assembly and Gov. Corbett finish consideration of the 2011-2012 budget. The state Constitution requires that a budget be in place by June 30.

UM Advocacy will hold the Pennsylvania Anti-Poverty Summit II, October 9-10, 2011, featuring Shane Claiborne.  For more information and to register, go to:

Read about Stephen Drachler, executive director of UM Advocacy in Pennsylvania, as he participates in the Fast for Pennsylvania’s Vulnerable:

“In Pennsylvania capital, former spokesman, Stephen Drachler, fights powers he once promoted
By Amy Worden
Inquirer Harrisburg Bureau
HARRISBURG – Stephen Drachler was once the voice of Republican power in Harrisburg.As spokesman for then-House Majority Leader John Perzel, Drachler could be abrasive and combative delivering the fighting words of one of the state’s top elected officials.

Now he is delivering the word of the Lord in the halls of the Capitol. And, in doing so, he is speaking against the very powers he once promoted.

Drachler, 60, is now director of United Methodist Advocacy of Pennsylvania, a post he has held two years.”

Read the full story published in the Philadelphia Inquirer: