United Methodist Men hosted potato drop to feed hungry

Ross Brightwell, president of EPA Conference United Methodist Men, accepts delivery of 50,000 pototoes for the Annual Conference Potato Drop.

The “Potato Drop” held last week by the United Methodist Men of the Eastern Pa. Conference at our EPC United Methodist Church Annual Conference was a huge success.  We distributed over 900, 50lb bags of Maine potatoes to the delegates of our 460 UMC’s.  Most of these bags were then distributed by the churches to the food banks near them.  In fact, we nearly ran out and were only able to give two pallets to Philabundance, the big food bank in Philadelphia.  But they were very appreciative of what they received and were happy that the smaller food banks around SE Pa. were able to be served.  I do point out that a few of the bags were damp and the potatoes were unusable.  This does happen on occasion with produce.  

If you hear of any other problems please let me know and we do apologize for this.

To remind all, the purpose of this effort was to show all of our churches how the UMM in their church can work with the Society of St. Andrews to have a “Potato and Produce Drop” at your own church.  When I say “Produce”, you can also get other vegetables from the Society of St. Andrews.  Please see their web site:http://www.endhunger.org/  For any questions please call or email me.  I held a Potato Drop at my church, Jarrettown UMC, last year.

In closing, thanks again to the Society of St. Andrews, the churches of our EPC, Philabundance, Bishop Johnson, Amy Botti, the Conference Staff, the EPC UMM and the officers of the EPC UMM (special thanks to them, they were the ones who were loading the potatoes into the car trunks of the delegates all week) for making this all happen.

Praise the Lord and pass the potatoes!!!

Ross Brightwell, President, EPA UMM, 

Ph. 215/643-1269 or 


Photos by Suzy Keenan.

The UMM work with the St. Andrews Society to provide food to our local foodbanks nation-wide.  We hope that the UMM of your church will develop an annual program to help provide food for those in need in your community.

For more information: Ross Brightwell, Ph. 215/643-1269 or rossbrightwell@verizon.net.