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“ What we see is we have to present a gospel message that will be empowering and uplifting, but also address some of the social challenges that we face as a native community.”
— Rev. Chebon Kernell  

Honoring their traditions while sharing their United Methodist faith, Native American pastors give of themselves daily to benefit Natives and non-Natives alike.

The Rev. Justine Smith, the Rev. Chebon Kernell and the Rev. David Wilson are three of many seminary graduates who benefited from the Native American Ministries Sunday offering scholarship.

Smith, the first full-time Native American professor at United Methodistrelated St. Paul School of Theology (Okla. Campus), hopes to change how Native Americans view themselves and how others see them as they affirm their traditions alongside church doctrine.

Kernell, the pastor of Norman (Okla.) First American United Methodist Church, represents the voices of both young Native people like himself and older generations when he addresses their spiritual and social concerns.

Wilson, the superintendent of the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference, is recognized as a leader who speaks out on vital matters of ministry throughout the denomination.

These three, and others like them, nurture new leaders and advocate for new ministries.

Your gifts on Native American Ministries Sunday fund ministries that pave the way for those who aspire to serve Christ’s church by making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Because of your generosity, seminarians prepare to serve, congregations are strengthened and communities are transformed.

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