The Parish Paper: Ideas and Insights for Active Congregations


  • March 2011 – Does a Congregation’s Location Influence its Effectiveness
  • April 2011Incoming Pastors – – Building Smoother Transition Bridges
  • May 2011When Does Success Lead to Failure?
  • June 2011 – What is the Pastor’s Role in Church Finance

Each monthly issue of The Parish Paper provides ideas, insights, research-findings, and practical methods that strengthen the effectiveness of congregations in accomplishing God’s purposes through their various ministries.  Unlike most newsletters, The Parish Paper is strictly a reprint-rights publication for congregations, judicatories, seminaries, and educational institutions. Eastern Pennsylvania Conference congregations receive copyright permission to photocopy or reprint and distribute each monthly issue to governing boards, committees, and constituents.  This is made available to our congregations through the Office of Congregational Transformation, and made possible by our Connectional Ministry Fund.

Coeditors: Herb Miller, Lyle Schaller, Cynthia Woolever

The Eastern Pennsylvania Conference’s purchase of a subscription to The Parish Paper includes:

  1. Permission to provide copies to our staff and to the congregations within our conference in any of the following ways: E-mail, Postal, newspaper, newsletter, meetings, training events, and our Web site.
  2. Permission for each congregation within our conference to (a) photocopy or electronically distribute for local use as many copies as it needs, (b) post them on its Web site, and (c) quote sentences and paragraphs.

Congregations within The Eastern Pennsylvania Conference to which we distribute The Parish Paper do NOT have permission (a) to delete the copyright notice, (b) to re-write, paraphrase, or change the wording of sentences and paragraphs, or (c) to give ANY THIRD PARTY—other than our staff and constituents—permission to photocopy or reprint (in any quantity, no matter how small, whether for free distribution or for sale).

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FREE Resources Opportunity

Download the following FREE resources at the Web site:

  • 34 Volumes of Church Effectiveness Nuggets – Each volume provides principles and how-to-do-it procedures that strengthen effectiveness with a particular ministry.
  • Planning Process – How to Accomplish Effective Congregational Planning
  • Core Values – The Powerful, Invisible Influence of Core Values: Why Every Congregation Needs to Identify Them
  • Prayer Development – The Secret to Abundant Living: Learning How to Ask
  • Financial Stewardship – Planning and Leading a Miracle Sunday Campaign

Please share this FREE-resources download opportunity by passing along to colleagues in congregations and organizations of our own and other denominations the Web site.