Bishop Johnson preaches for Christ the King Deaf Church

Bishop Peggy Johnson preached at Christ the King Deaf Church on Sunday, February 27, in West Chester, PA.  

Bishop Johnson was welcomed by Rev. Beth Lockard, who has known Bishop Johnson through Deaf camp in the summer at Camp Innabah.

Bishop Peggy Johnson (left) and Rev. Beth Lockard (right), pastor of Christ the King Deaf Church.

Bishop Johnson used a drama to convey her spiritual message, assisted by Bill Lockard, husband of Pastor Lockard, and Susan Gompers, a church member.  Bishop Johnson portrayed Dr. Pink, assisted by her diagnosing nurse (played by Ms. Gompers).  The two helped their patient (Mr. Lockard) by diagnosing and treating the spiritual afflictions of his head, heart, and hands.

Diagnosis: (Left to right) Bill Lockard as the patient, Bishop Peggy Johnson as Dr. Pink, and Susan Gompers as the nurse.  Here “Nurse Gompers” holds up the diagnosis for an affliction of the heart divided between God and possessions.  The treatment: to put God first above money and possessions.