International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Church

Bishop Peggy Johnson writes:

I am thrilled to see the General Board of Church and Society and the Confessing Movement working together on a project for the whole church.  They are calling us to an “International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church” on November 14, 2010.  All over the world Christians are being imprisoned and martyred for the faith.  This is not a first century phenomena, it is happening today and there has been persecution since the church began 2000 years ago.
GBCS and the Confessing Movement are calling us to “prayerfully and publically stand with members of the Body of Christ who are suffering.”  Christians are economically and politically marginalized all over the world but especially in Saudi Arabia, China, Pakistan, Viet Nam, Burma and Iran.
It is a sign of the Holy Spirit when two movements of the church are working together for a common cause…the cause of Christ.  Many times the theological left and right are at odds with one another and stand on different sides of the road and wave flags and signs.  How refreshing!  How delightfully wonderful to see both sides working together on this issue of the persecuted church.  I believe that there are more things that the left and the right agree on than disagree on.  It is a ploy of the enemy to have us always quarreling among ourselves so the important work of the gospel is left undone.  The spirit unites, religion divides.
Let’s stop “othering” and persecuting  the theological  side we disagree with and advance the gospel.  Mark your calendar for November 14th for a day of prayer!  May this be a day of new beginnings for the United Methodist Church as well.  May we finally find a way to work together theologically.