Over 5,000 campers enjoyed four Conference camps

Highropes course at Pocono Plateau helped campers explore faith and “Being a Hero” for God.  Over 5,000 campers enjoyed the beauty of God’s creation and faith-building activities in the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference’s four camps.  Read more…

Camp Innabah

With a summer theme, “Be a Hero,” numerous people served as heroes in many ways at Camp Innabah this summer. Throughout the summer, we were plagued with multiple large maintenance issues! Our staff, volunteers, and campers were true heroes when the following issues occurred: the dishwasher was down for three weeks, two wells failed for safe drinking water, the pool motor needed some major repairs, the hot water heater in Bethany died (leaving Grandparent’s and Me camp without hot showers), the bad storms left us without power, water and septic, and the hayride tractor decided to retire early! During all of those times, God’s presence was truly felt! We are most thankful for all of the super heroes that helped overcome all of these difficulties.

We were excited to have several new successful camps this year.  Pre-school Day Camp was a new addition this year for children ages 3-5 this year.  Twelve children all new to Innabah enjoyed these two weeks of morning programming. Our Regular Day camper’s enjoyed the chance to stay for our new popular Mini-Camp Plus event.

Children by French Creek, Camp Innabah

HappyCampers enjoy boating on French Creek at Camp Innabah!

HappyCampers enjoy boating on French Creek at Camp Innabah!

Campers in Kindergarten through 5thgrade had the chance to attend day camp all week and stay overnight for two nights or just come for the mini-camp two night overnight event. This year 5th-8thgraders had the chance to attend two half week events in Covenant. Creative Cooking and Photography camp were both very popular.  The cooking camp cooked all of their meals in their lodge in woks, crock pots, microwaves, etc. Challenge 3 campers especially enjoyed their appetizers before Friday night all camp Celebration. Photography camp spent hours each day taking pictures and learning photography basics, a highlight for them was their Fashion Show on Tuesday night.  Two staff members created a unique camp called Into the Wild for 6th-10thgraders. This camp was extremely rustic and the camp spent the majority of their time camping and cooking across the French Creek. Our challenge camp programs added Challenge 6 and Camp of Dreams to our camping program. These two camps were for individuals ages 12-25 with special needs and/or autism/asperger’s. Both events were a huge success and well received by some returning and new campers.

Each year, we run a plethora of camps for a variety of ages!  We were blessed to see many lives change because of their opportunity to learn more about God in a sacred space!  Check out our website to learn more about our variety of programs. You will certainly find something for you!  www.innabah.org

Children swimming, Carson Simpson Farm

Swimming in Carson Simpson Farm’s pool was a great way to keep cool on a hot summer day! Carson Simpson Farm

The summer of 2010 at Carson Simpson Farm can be summed up in 3 words; hot, heroic and HIS. God blessed CSF with a staff whose desire to serve created an environment of passion for Christ. Campers learned each week about what it meant to be a Hero for God from an Old Testament, New Testament and secular persons of faith. Campers swam, played games, creek walked, prayed, created projects, fished, banged drums, raced derby cars, floated cork boats, and praised and worshiped God. We learned that no force in this world, heat, storms, or power outages can stop what God has planned for us.


Large group of children holding a parachute between them, Gretna Glen

Parachute team work activities help campers have fun while learning cooperation. Gretna Glen

Gretna Glen

Gretna Glen was blessed to have served 1272 campers in the 9 weeks of summer!  Campers were welcomed with a Hero’s reception at the All Camp Opening in the Funk Program Center and experienced all that camp has to offer till the camp closing in the meadow on Friday.  Heroes were popping out everywhere as we celebrated with our campers Biblical Heroes, Everyday Heroes and Gretna Glen Heroes.

Gretna Glen also works with volunteers to host two weeks of community day camp at Reading’s Holy Cross UMC.  This partnership is a hit and campers enjoyed crafts, songs, games, teambuilding, Bible lessons and more.  This outreach program is an awesome extension of the camp connecting with the church.  On Wednesday, of each of these weeks campers took a bus to enjoy a day at Gretna Glen.

Thank you to the almost 200 volunteers that served with us to share the joy of knowing and following Jesus Christ.


Pocono Plateau

Summer camp at Pocono Plateau had a huge impact on the lives of campers. The summer theme, “Be A Hero: Living Like Jesus” was taught in Bible studies, evening chapels, and throughout the day in teachable moments.   The campers were provided with encouragement, spiritual renewal, and fun learning as they experience God in a personal way–sometimes encountering Jesus Christ for the very first time.

New campers discovered the camp’s magnificent mountaintop setting while making meeting new friends, having new adventures and experiencing God in new ways!  Returning campers found comfort in the familiar environment and the faces of old friends, however, they also welcomed change, knowing that every new activity, new acquaintance, and new experience provided an opportunity to grow in their faith.

This summer Pocono Plateau was blessed with an increased number of volunteer counselors.  These volunteers gave of their time and energy to share their love of Christ with the campers.  Each week, they created a nurturing Christian community that provided an outstanding camp experience. We could not have done it without them!

Whether campers were familiar with the Plateau or new in 2010, lives were touched and changed by the power of the Holy Spirit.  And let’s face it, that’s what summer camp is truly all about!