Imagining No Malaria

Lynda Commale, a member of Hopewell UMC in Downingtown, PA, took part in a nets distribution in Uganda in 2009.

Imagining…No Malaria

Can you imagine a world where every mosquito bite could lead to a hospital visit or worse…death?   Mosquito bites pose a serious threat to families in sub-Saharan Africa.  In fact, with an annual death toll of more than 1 million, malaria kills enough people every month to fill Citizens Bank Park (capacity 43,647)….twice.

United Methodist Bishop Thomas Bickerton, Imagine No Malaria chairperson, describes it as “Nets Plus.”  Through the work of The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), we will establish community-based health workers, improve hospitals and clinics and work with African communities to wipe out mosquito breeding areas.

Lynda Commale, a member of Hopewell UMC in Downingtown, PA, and her daughter, Katherine have raised over $100,000 to help eradicate malaria.  She said,“My daughter, Katherine, now 9 years old, and I have been committed to this campaign for over four years, and we have high hopes that we will see the United Nations Millennium Development Goal of malaria eradication by 2015.  The Imagine No Malaria goes beyond supplying nets to providing educational and medical resources to more comprehensively combat this disease.    I urge you to join this campaign and help us reach the goal.  For the past four years, Katherine and I have been visiting churches and schools to teach and raise money for nets.  A simple net, can save a life in Africa.  Please prayerfully consider this invitation for us to speak at your church.”  Please contact Lynda Commale: 610-518-3279 or

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