Casa del Pueblo ministry reaches out to Latinos in Hatboro

Celebration reaches out to Latinos in Hatboro.  Two churches, Casa del Pueblo Latino Ministry of Lehman UMC and El Buen Samaritano UMC of West Chester, visited in the local neighborhoods of Hatboro.

On  August 29, 2010,Casa del Pueblo” (house of the people) the Latino Ministry of Lehman UMC in Hatboro, PA. had a very special Sunday celebration.   This ministry is led by Pastor Luky Cotto, one of our newest church planters. On this occasion another Latino congregation from West Chester came to visit and help visit a neighborhood where many Latino families live.

Pastor Evodia Villalva and El Buen Samaritano Church  went house to house  with a group of lay leaders who have just completed their training with the Evangelism Explosion curriculum.  This is an idea which began at the Latino Commission’s yearly retreat held in January of last year. Pastor Luky and Pastor Evodia talked about the possibility of working together on this project.

The team of visitors involved 12 lay men and women.  Right after the service at Casa del Pueblo they all drove about 10 minutes to Warminster to a place were 99% of the residents are Latinos.  These good news emissaries invited the neighbors not only to come to church but above all to listen and receive the message of eternal life.

The Saturday before Pastor Luky had participated in a similar effort in Shenandoah where Pastor Bruny Martinez has been making inroads into the Latino community with the hope of establishing a ministry as well.  It was blessed weekend indeed.

Pastor Luky has a sincere word for the brothers and sisters from El Buen Samaritano:  “Thank you very much; it is so good to share you in helping each other  grow and advance in our ministries. Thank you Pastor Evodia for sharing your lay people with Casa del Pueblo.”

May our God bless each one of our Latino churches and all of our churches in the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference.  May we all live out our connectionalism in prayer and in cooperative ventures.

Contact: Rev. Luky Cotto, Pastor Latino Ministry,  “Casa del Pueblo” Lehman UMC in Hatboro, PA:

Pastor of Latino Ministries/Pastora Ministerios Latinos
Lehman United Methodist Church
300 South York Road
Hatboro, Pennsylvania 19040
Tel. 215-675-2110