Festival for Haiti

The Road to Recovery: Festival for Haiti
FirstUnited Methodist Church of Germantown hosts benefit for the rebuilding of the village of
Fondwa, Haiti located at the epicenter of the devastating earthquake

PHILADELPHIA, PA:  Road to Recovery is day of hope, revival and celebration for Haiti on June 26, 2010 at the First United Methodist Church of Germantown (FUMCOG) from 1-6pm. In January of this year, a massive earthquake struck Haiti resulting in death and injury tohundreds of thousands of victims and leaving the country’s infrastructure devastated. The Road to Recovery is a celebration of Haiti and a hope for renewal. The festival will offer attendees an opportunity to experience Haitian music, food, arts and crafts and guest speaker Fr. Joseph Philippe. Donations of $10 to attend are requested with all proceeds going towards the rebuilding of Fondwa, Haiti, a village at the epicenter of the earthquake.

FUMCOG has been twinned with the Peasant Association of Fondwa since 1994, has worked in support of FONKOZE, Haiti‘s leading micro-finance bank, since its inception in 1996, and has partnered with its Haitian neighbors in Philadelphia working towards justice in Haiti.

Located in the mountains about two hours from Port-au-Prince, Fondwa is a small village that had no infrastructure and limited access to basic needs and services. In 1988, with the leadership of Fr. Joseph Philippe, the village founded the Peasant Association of Fondwa and began the long effort to build a thriving community. Among the many successes was the development of the area’s first health clinic, secondary school and most recently, Haiti’s first rural University providing hope for a better future for many of Haiti’s citizens.

“I know what I want, I know how to do it, but I don’t have the resources,” says Philippe regarding the damaged the earthquake has caused. Guest speaker Father Joseph Philippe is the founder of the Peasant Association of Fondwa, founder of Fonkoze and founder of the University of Fondwa and will speak at 2pm to share Haiti’s current situation and their road to recovery. He continues, “We really need to share what we have. If we keep things to ourselves, we’re already destroyed, more than any earthquake can ever do.”

All are invited to attend this meaningful and profound day of revival and hope. Although a $10 donation is requested no one will be turned away who would like to participate. Road to Recovery will be hosted at The First United Methodist Church is located at 6001 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144.  For tickets and more information, please contact Ray Torres, Co-Chair of the FUMCOG Haiti Committee at raytorres2@verizon.net.