Strength: Evelyn Wangui and the Children of Africa Hope Center

Evelyn Wanuiby Matthew C. Morgan

The milk in her mother’s breasts finally ran dry, and the baby began to cry out. The cries alarmed the neighbors, and the suckling child, Evelyn Wangui, was found lying in her dead mother’s arms. Her mother had been dead for two days, yet miraculously Evelyn survived. Even as a baby, God blessed Evelyn with the gift of strength, and she has used that strength to overcome many other difficult obstacles. Evelyn was born with the AIDS virus that killed her mother, and after being orphaned, her new caretaker, who was also HIV+, abused her physically and sexually until she was three years old.

The neighbors, who happened to be United Methodist, reported the abuse to the government protection officer, but the officer stalled for weeks, claiming that there was no money to buy gas to come and rescue the child. The neighbors sought help from their church, and the church quickly provided the vehicle and gas to transport the protection officer to come rescue the child. Evelyn was moved to the United Methodist Naivasha Orphanage & Rehab Centre.

At the orphanage, Evelyn received exceptional care and love, and by the time she was six, was able to begin primary school along with the other orphans her age. She also began attending Rereshua United Methodist Church, and as she grew older, began to lead the other children in singing songs and telling Bible stories. She also began taking on more responsibilities at the orphanage and became increasingly passionate about providing quality care and love to the other children.

She is now 15 years old and the top performer of her class. She has become an authority, almost equal to the adults at the orphanage, and after she graduates from high school, hopes to study to become a nurse. She is known at her church as a prayer warrior. Evelyn not only had the strength to survive her mother’s death and the abuse of the caretaker as a small child, but it appears that she may have also overcome HIV. In her last three medical exams, she has tested negative for HIV.

It is obvious that God has a great plan for Evelyn. Pray that Evelyn will continue to use the strength God has given her to serve God and to care for others. Pray that the HIV will be permanently eradicated from her body, so that she may live a long, productive, and fulfilling life. You and your church can also support Evelyn and the work of the United Methodist Naivasha Orphanage & Rehab Centre by giving to Children of Africa Hope Center, Advance #14083A. The orphanage hopes to become more sustainable by starting a revolving fund, by purchasing land to grow its own food, and by digging a well on the property, so that it will no longer be dependent on the expensive daily delivery of water by donkey. Your church can make a difference! Pray for Evelyn! Give to Mission!

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 Matthew C. Morgan is the project manager for The Advance.