Lighthouse Korean UMC opens new sanctuary

Lighthouse Korean SanctuaryLighthouse Korean UMC of Philadelphia recently opened new facilities on the whole second floor of the Lighthouse Fellowship United Methodist Church’s education wing.

Rev. Byung Woo Cho reported that the new sanctuary comfortably seats 100 persons.  Lighthouse Korean’s new facilities also include a fellowship hall, bible study room and Sunday School rooms.  The congregation spent nearly $10,000 from its member’s offerings in order to create the warm and welcoming new sanctuary and fellowship hall.

The opening was celebrated with an open house on Easter Sunday with worship followed by fellowship and a meal. Bishop Peggy Johnson visited in order to see and encourage the congregation, and to give a blessing for the church’s new facilities.

For more information, contact Rev. Byung Woo Cho,, or call Lighthouse Fellowship UMC, 215-884-5251.

Lighthouse Korean Congregation