Funding for Transformational Ministry

Any Church in any District can participate in any convenient location.

A program designed for moving from a “pay the bills” church to a “living the vision” church. This program is being funded in part by grants from the Eastern PA Board of Trustees and the stewardship budget of the Eastern Pennsylvania-Peninsula United Methodist Foundation. Enrollment is free.

  1. The purpose of the program is to enhance the financial future and security of our United Methodist Church through better budgeting, stewardship improvement, endowment growth, and worship attendance in our member Churches.
  2. The program is not a one day seminar but an 18 month journey of education and implementation.
  3. The program has components for Church, District, and Conference accountability.
  4. There is a coordinated effort among District Superintendants, EPA Conference Trustees, CCFA, Church Trustees, Director of Administrative Ministries, and Director of Connectional Ministries.
  5. The program contains significant incentives for a Church to prepare, plan, implement, grow, and maintain fiscal stewardship and worship attendance growth for years to come.
  6. The current economy requires us to financially plan for our Methodist Church future, modernize our budgets, and vision towards endowing the future of The United Methodist Church.
  7. The program contains increased stewardship education, financial accountability, and leadership development at every level of our Church.
  8. The Eastern Pennsylvania-Peninsula Foundation will maintain the program and report its progress.

Five Steps of the Program

  1.  Attendance at a Workshop in your District or Eastern Pennsylvania Conference Office
  2. Establishment of a formal “Church Stewardship Plan” that identifies the individuals responsible for the Stewardship Program in the Church and stewardship tools chosen for implementation
  3. Responding to a 6 month program evaluation and review questionnaire with the Foundation
  4. Responding to a 1 year program evaluation and review questionnaire with the Foundation
  5. Responding to an 18 month program evaluation and review questionnaire with the Foundation

For more information contact Jack Brooks at the Foundation: 1-800-828-9092 or