Request for Congregational Transformation Team Funding

CONGREGATIONAL TRANSFORMATION GRANTS – The office screens Congregational Transformation Grants applications for up to $5,000.  Grants are available to local churches and community groups in partnership with local churches primarily to provide seed money to help launch creative new ministries, especially projects that assist a congregation in reaching out beyond its walls into the community.  Application forms are available from the Office of Congregational Transformation and are reviewed by members of the Congregational Transformation Team in keeping with previously determined criteria.  Grants in excess of $1,000 require an on-site visit by a team member before funds are released.

Congregations of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference become centers for a spiritual movement that recovers our evangelistic beginnings by:

  • Calling persons to new life in Jesus Christ
  • Nurturing persons to be disciples of Jesus Christ in God’s Community
  • Addressing the needs in each community where our Eastern Pennsylvania   Congregations are located as well as the global context.