2018 Clergy Retirements

Bishop Johnson announces the following 2018 retirements effective July 1, 2018 unless otherwise noted.  Some individuals may continue serving at their current appointments in retired status.

  • James E. Brashear (Elder) from Wescoesville: Bethany UMC
  • Charles A. Deutsch (Associate Member) from Ironville UMC
  • Ralph N. Cain, Jr. (Part Time Local Pastor) from Glen Moore UMC
  • Robert A. Crane (Part Time Local Pastor) from Extension Ministry: Norristown Hospital
  • Donna DiMeo-Hammell (Elder) from Doylestown UMC
  • John Gudikunst (Elder) from Reading: Holy Cross UMC (effective April 1, 2018)
  • Nancy M. Ludwig (Part Time Local Pastor) from Hatboro: Lehman Memorial UMC
  • Lawrence E. Richard (Full Time Local Pastor) from Rocherty UMC
  • Jacquelyn M. Sheely (Part Time Local Pastor) from Akron: Mt. Zion UMC
  • Robert J. Wilt (Elder) from Lima UMC
  • Cheryl J. Zegers (Part Time Local Pastor) from Peach Bottom: Mt. Zion UMC

Bishop Johnson announces the following 2018 “re-retirements” effective July 1, 2018:

  • Richard W. Conner
  • Robert L. Nissly
  • Sally W. Ott
  • Joan C. Pacocha
  • Barbara J. Welsh
  • Jeremias Rojas