2016 Appointments & Assignments

Bishop Peggy A. Johnson announces the following 2016 appointments and assignments, effective July 1, 2016 unless otherwise noted. Some individuals may continue serving at their current appointments in retired status.

Central District


  • Rev. Thomas Daniel (Full Elder), from  Holly Oak: Calvary UMC, Full-Time, (Wilmington District, Peninsula Delaware AC) to Geigertown : St. Paul’s, Full-Time.
  • John Cordes (FE) from Croydon: Wilkinson Memorial and Phila: Fox Chase to New Berlinville: St. Andrews
  • Rev. Gary Nicholson (Elder), from full-time Northwest District Superintendent to full-time Lansdale: Christ UMC (Senior Pastor)
  • Rev. David Eckert (Elder) from Drexel Hill UMC to Lafayette Hill: Messiah UMC
  • Coleen Painter (FE) from Elverson full time to Elverson 3/4 time and Goodwill 1/4 time.
  • Carl Houston (PTLP) to be appointed to Philadelphia: Simpson-Fletcher UMC, Half Time.
  • Rev. Scott Widmer (Elder) from West Chester: Marshalltown, Full Time, to Mohnton: Calvary, Full Time.
  • Mandy Miller (FE) to Wyomissing: Calvary, 1/4 time. This appointment is in addition to Rev. Miller’s current appointment to Reading: Holy Cross, 1/4 time.
  • The Rev. Lillian Smith (Elder) from St. Matthew’s UMC of Valley Forge to Cheverly UMC in Cheverly, MD (Baltimore-Washington Conference).
  • The Rev. Pearl Johnson (Elder on loan from the Peninsula-Delaware Conference) from 1/2 time at Philadelphia: Devereux UMC and 1/2 time at Philadelphia: Emmanuel UMC to Wilmington, DE: Simpson UMC in the Pen-Del Conference.
  • Rev. Kellie Ebo (Provisional Elder) to Phila: Emmanuel UMC (half time).
  • Cherrill Wilson (Part-time Local Pastor) to Phila: Devereux UMC (half time). This is Rev. Wilson’s first appointment.
  • Jean Howe (Certified Lay Minister) to Reading: Grace UMC, 1/4-time.
  • Rev John Bletsch (Elder) from Mont Clare: Otterbein UMC to Valley Forge: St Matthew’s UMC,  effective Sept. 1, 2016.
  • Rev Deborah Gildart-Hanks (Elder) from Elam UMC and Gradyville UMC to Mont Clare: Otterbein;  effective Sept. 1, 2016.
  • Rodney Brailsford (Local Pastor–First Appointment) from Lafayette Hill: Messiah to Norristown: Haws Avenue (half time). Effective July 1, 2016.

East District


  • Rev. Steven McComas (Elder) from Hatboro: Lehman Memorial to Pipersville: Rolling Hills as Retired Supply.
  • Rev. J. William Lentz (Elder) from Lafayette Hill: Messiah to Hatboro: Lehman Memorial as Senior Pastor
  • Mr. James Duckett (Certified Lay Minister) from Philadelphia: Johnson Memorial, 1/4-time, to Croydon: Wilkinson Memorial, 1/4-time.
  • Rev. Narie L, Grayson (Part-time Local Pastor) from Philadelphia: Simpson-Fletcher UMC at 1/2-time to Philadelphia: Bethesda UMC at 1/4-time and Philadelphia: Johnson Memorial UMC at 1/4-time.
  • The Rev. Dr. Michael Roberts, Elder, from Eastwick to Levittown: Emilie.
  • Mr. Robert C. Irving, Certified Lay Minister, to Solebury.
  • Rev. Randy Milner Brubaker (Elder), from  Philadelphia: Crescentville, 1/2-time, and Philadelphia: St. Philip’s, 1/2-time, to  Philadelphia: Crescentville, 1/2-time, and Philadelphia: Frankford Memorial, 1/2-time.
  • Rev. Coryn Peña (Elder) from Philadelphia: Frankford Memorial, 1/2-time, and Holmesburg, 1/2-time, to Philadelphia: Holmesburg, 1/2-time, and Philadelphia: St. Philip’s, 1/2-time,
  • Rev. Mary Catherine Miller (Elder) 1/2-time appointment to Philadelphia: Fox Chase is withdrawn. Appointment will not change for 2016-2017.
  • Rev. David G. Ryan (part-time local pastor) from  Philadelphia: Bridesburg, 1/4-time, and  Philadelphia: Kensington (Old Brick), 1/4-time, to  Philadelphia: Fox Chase, 1/2-time, and  Philadelphia: Kensington (Old Brick), 1/4-time.
  • Mrs. Lorraine Foster (Certified Lay Minister) to Montgomery Square, 1/2-time.
  • Mr. John Brice (Lay Supply) to Philadelphia: Solid Rock.
  • Rolene Derr (Lay Supply) to Philaelphia: Bridesburg (1/4-time).
  • The Rev. Allen G. Jenkins, Jr., (Retired Elder) to Trevose: St. Matthew UMC (1/2-time).
  • Susan Velez (Certified Lay Minister) to Cornwells Heights: Cornwells UMC (1/2-time).

Northeast District


  • Rev. Nancy Ross (Elder) from Telford: Grace to Palmerton: Salem & Slatedale Salem. Effective January 1, 2016.
  • Rev. Lydia Munoz (Elder) from Drexel Hill: StartingPointPhilly to Telford: Grace.  Effective January 1, 2016.
  • The Rev. Andrew Krpata (Elder)  Levittown: Emilie UMC To: Bethlehem: Wesley UMC.
  • The Rev. Thomas Robinson (Elder) from Easton: Green UMC to Quakertown UMC.
  • The Rev. Scott Friedgen-Veitch (Elder) from Norristown: Haws Avenue UMC (CE District) to Easton: Green Pond UMC.
  • The Rev. Mike Netznik (Full Time Local Pastor) from Allentown: Emmanuel UMC (Bethany Campus) to Moore Twp: Covenant.
  • The Rev. Edward Bean (Retired Elder) from Lewistown Valley: Calvary Evangelical UMC to Saylorsburg: St. Peter’s UMC.
  • The Rev. Amy Enders (new Local Pastor) to Palmerton Salem UMC and Slatedale: Salem.
  • The Rev. Jacqueline Daniszewski (Local Pastor) from Reading: Grace UMC (Central District) to Telford: Grace UMC.
  • The Rev. William J. Kuntze (Retired Elder) from Wind Gap: First UMC to Cherry Lane UMC, effective August 1, 2016.
  • The Rev. Charles Englehart (Retired Local Pastor) from Freeland: Park and Weatherly: Centenary to Weatherly: Centenary, effective July 1, 2016.
  • The Rev. Dr. Larry Pickens (Interim On Loan Elder) from: Lehigh Valley Conference of Churches (Extension Ministry – Northern Illinois Conference) to Lehigh Valley Conference of Churches (Extension Ministry – Northern Illinois Conference) and Allentown: Emmanuel UMC (1/2 time), effective August 1, 2016.
  • The Rev. Brunilda Martinez (Part-Time Local Pastor) from Allentown: La Trinidad UMC (1/2 time) to Allentown: La Trinidad UMC (1/2 time) and Wind Gap: First UMC (1/4 time), effective August 1, 2016.
  • The Rev. Gary Dimovitz (Part-Time Local Pastor) from Wescosville: Bethany UMC (1/4 time) to Wescosville: Bethany UMC (3/4 time), effective August 1, 2016.

Northwest District


  • Rev. Susan Roehs (Elder) to Extension Ministry as Client Services Director at the Pregnancy Care Center of Shamokin, PA. Effective January 1, 2016.
  • Rev. Barbara Welsh (Part-time Local Pastor) to Mount Carmel: First UMC as 50% time, interim pastor until June 30, 2016.  Effective January 1, 2016.
  • Rev. Robb Faller (Elder) from New Berlinville: St Andrews UMC, to Ono UMC
  • The Rev. Christina Keller (Elder) from Moore Township: Covenant UMC to Cleona: Immanuel UMC.
  • Pastor Bill McNeil (Part-time Local Pastor) from Waterworks UMC ¼ time to Campbelltown UMC, ½ time. Also from ½ time to ¼ time at Annville: Kauffman’s UMC.
  • The Rev. John Lynch, Retired Elder, from serving Palmyra: Bethany UMC ¼ time to serving there ½ time.
  • The Rev. Zachary Hopple, Part-time Local Pastor, from serving Shamokin: First UMC ½ time to serving there ¾ time.
  • The Rev. Bev. Petrovich (Part-time Local Pastor) from Kulpmont and Irish Valley UMCs at ¾- time to Trevorton and Irish Valley UMCs ¾ time.
  • The Rev. Bernard Kefer (Elder) from Mohnton: Calvary, to Paxinos: Clarks Grove, which is going full time.
  • The Rev. Kathryn Painter, from Cleona: Immanuel, FE, to retired supply serving Mt Carmel: First, ½ time, effective September 1, 2016.
  • The Rev. Heidi Silliman (FE) from Cherry Lane to Lebanon: Hebron.
  • The Rev. Philip Sabas (RE) from Hamburg: Bethany, ½ time, to Lewistown Valley: Calvary Evangelical, ½ time.
  • Pastor Jennifer Raudenbush (PL) from Orwigsburg: Salem, 1/4 time associate, to Hamburg: Bethany, ¼ time.
  • Pastor Lorraine Heckman (PL) serving Port Carbon: First, ¼ time, to also serve Port Carbon: Grace, ¼ time.
  • Mr. Julian Milewski (lay supply) to serve Kulpmont, ¼ time.
  • Bonnie Alleman (Lay Supply) to Oak Grove UMC (¼-time); continuing at Shamokin: Emmanuel UMC (¼-time).
  • Robert Howard (Lay Supply) to Lebanon: Mountville UMC, (¼-time).
  • Sean Dougherty (Lay Supply) to serve Schaefferstown: Zion, (¼-time).

Southeast District


  • Patrick J. Welch (Part-time Local Pastor) to Friendship UMC, effective January 1, 2016. (First appointment.)
  • Rev. Shirley Daddario (Part-time Local Pastor) from Friendship UMC to West Grove UMC as Associate Pastor. Effective February 1, 2016.
  • Rev. Gary David Knerr (Elder) from Lansdale: Christ UMC to Senior Pastor, Grove UMC.
  • Rev. Kevin M. Rutledge (Elder) from St. Georges UMC in Peninsula Delaware Conference to Associate Pastor, Springfield: Covenant UMC.
  • Rev. Russell Atkinson (Elder) from Quakertown UMC to Drexel Hill UMC.
  • Rev. Lydia Munoz (Elder) from Telford: Grace UMC to Kennett: United Methodist Church of the Open Door, effectiveJuly 1, 2016.
  • Rev. Mary Beth Davis (Part Time Local Pastor) to Booth’s Corner: Siloam UMC, effective May 1, 2016. This is the first appointment for Rev. Davis.
  • Rev. John Neider (Part Time Local Pastor) from  Hopewell UMC (1/2 time) to Hopewell UMC (1/4 time) and Romansville UMC (1/2 time), effective July 1, 2016.
  • Rev. Steven J. Handzel (Provisional Elder) from Montgomery Square (75% Time) to Marshallton UMC (75% Time), effective July 1, 2016.
  • Rev. Neil Gutmaker (Elder) from Kennett: United Methodist Church of the Open Door to Trinity UMC, Chesapeake City, Maryland, Peninsula Delaware Conference
  • Rev. Cynthia Hall from Romansville UMC to The Cecilton Charge (St. Paul’s UMC and Zion UMC) in Cecilton, Maryland, Peninsula Delaware Conference
  • Rev. Tracy Ann Duncan (Elder) from Cornwells Heights: Cornwells UMC and Trevose: St. Matthew’s UMC to Philadelphia: Eastwick UMC.
  • Diana Esposito (Deacon–1st appointment) to Grove UMC (85%-time) as Pastor of Youth and Young Adult Ministries and to the Wesley Student Foundation of Philadelphia (15%-time) as a Campus Minister serving at Drexel University.
  • Rev. Dennis Keen (Retired Elder) to Nantmeal UMC part time, effective September 15, 2016.

Southwest District


Updated 11/18/2016.

  • The Rev. Jody Sambrick (Elder) from Living Waters UMC to Lampeter UMC, effective Jan. 1 through June 30, 2016. He will serve in extension ministry as a General Evangelist effective July 1.  Lampeter UMC and Living Waters UMC merged their ministries under the name Lampeter UMC, effective Jan. 1, 2016. The Rev. Blaine Wenger continues to serve as Senior Pastor of Lampeter UMC.
  • Rev. Jonette Gay (Elder on loan from the Northwest Texas Conference) to Lancaster: Otterbein 75% time and to Lancaster: Pearl Street 25% time.  Effective January 1, 2016
  • Rev. David Woolverton, elder, from Full-Time Senior Pastor at Mt. Joy: St. Mark’s UMC (SW) to Full-Time Senior Pastor at Elizabethtown: St. Paul’s UMC.
  • Rev. Walter Unterberger, provisional elder, from Three-Quarter Time Associate Pastor at Jarrettown UMC (EA) to Full-Time Senior Pastor at Colemanville UMC.
  • Rev. Keith Buckbee, part-time local pastor, from Quarter-Time Senior Pastor at Oregon UMC (SW) to Half-Time Pastor of Discipleship at Hempfield UMC.
  • The Rev. Dr. Sharon Barley (Full-time Local Pastor) to Half-Time Extension Ministry at Samaritan Counseling Center as Director of Clergy & Congregational Care, effective Feb. 1. Also continuing in her current half-time appointment as Senior Pastor at Neffsville: Long Memorial UMC.
  • Rev. Timothy Smith, ordained elder, currently appointed to Leola UMC (SW), is appointed to Mount Joy: St. Mark’s UMC (SW), full time, as of July 1, 2016.
  • Rev. Thomas Fries, an ordained elder, from Bethlehem: Wesley (NE) to Leola (SW) full-time
  • Rev. Jason Perkowski, a full-time local pastor, to Oregon Community UMC (SW) quarter-time. This is in addition to Rev. Perkowski’s three-quarter time appointment to Manheim Township: Faith (SW)
  • Rev. Greg Impink, a part-time local pastor, to his first appointment at Limeville UMC (SW) at three-quarter time
  • Rev. Paul Miller (Part-time Local Pastor) from Schaefferstown: Zion (Northwest District) as Senior Pastor (1/4 time) to Elizabethtown: St. Paul’s as Associate Pastor (3/4 time).
  • Rev. M. Thomas Grubbs, full-time local pastor, from Associate Pastor at Elizabethtown: St. Paul’s (SW) to Senior Pastor at Columbia.
  • Rev. Carlene Wolf (Part-time Local Pastor) to Washington Boro UMC, 1/2-time (first appointment).
  • Rev. Elaine Bortman (Elder) from Bethesda UMC to New Holland: Ranck’s UMC.
  • Rev. Harry Kaufold (Retired Elder) to Lancaster: Community UMC (½ time), effective Sept. 25, 2016.
  • Rev. Timothy C. Anderman (Elder) to Mount Joy: Glossbrenner (full-time), returning from medical leave.
  • Kevin Kresge (Certified Lay Minister) to Bird-in-Hand ¼ time, effective July 1, 2016.
  • Abdias J. Ayala (Lay Supply Pastor) to Lancaster: Fuente de Amor ¼ time, effective September 11, 2016.