2015 Annual Conference MEDIA SPECIFICATIONS

Thank you for your anticipated presentation at the 2015 Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference. So that we can successfully meet your media and other presentation needs we have developed some tools and guidelines for you.

The sooner we receive your media materials, the better. Your media submission will be reviewed to ensure that the appropriate file formats have been submitted, that files are not corrupt and that all necessary scripts, etc. are included.


Media Requirements:



PowerPoint (PPT)

  • must use the template provided.
 NOTE: This template is specifically formatted to allow space for Closed-Captioning. Do not place any text below the white line. Do not alter the aspect ratio (presentation must be in widescreen / 16×9 ratio).
  • must not include embedded audio, video or timings
  • must be submitted along with a script detailing when slides are to be progressed during the presentation, when videos are to be played, etc.


  • it is preferable if your video is in widescreen (16×9 ratio)
  • must be in one the following formats: playable DVD, QuickTime (.mov), or (.mp4)
  • must be submitted along with a script detailing when video is to be played (e.g. before presentation, during presentation, after presentation, on particular slide, etc.)


If you have any questions about media or video submissions/presentations, please contact Lindsey Cotman at lcotman@epaumc.org or (484) 762-8215.

All Media Submissions must be received no later than April 20, 2015.