Rethinking Annual Conference

2013 AC Devotions


Greetings Sisters and Brothers in Christ!

Our Theme this year for our annual conference is Health: Head-to-Toe; Heaven-to-Earth; and Heart-to-Heart (physical – spiritual – relational). 

We are excited to invite you to participate with us before, during, and after conference on matters relating to physical, spiritual and relational health!

Between now and annual conference each month you will be invited to share (God moments) stories/experiences online.  In our first month you will be invited to share your God moments relative to physical health and wholeness followed by postings in the second month when our focus will be on spiritual growth and health, and finally we  will devote the last month prior to conference to growth and health in relationships.  This will lead us right into conference week which will be filled with additional fun and surprises to help us build on the relationships we have already established and help us as we seek to develop new relationships! You will soon receive information on the website which has been set up for your postings!

From all the postings listed during the first month focusing on physical health and wellness someone will be selected to receive a gift certificate to a day spa which includes a massage!  From the postings during the second month (spiritual growth and health) someone will be selected to receive a voucher for a personal reflection retreat.  From the postings related to growth and health in relationships, during the third month, a person will be selected to receive a gift certificate for dinner and a movie with a friend.

This annual conference there will be business to discuss but we will focus also on our fellowship with old friends and our desire to make new friends!





Tracy Bass,
Conference Secretary