Reflections on the legislative process

Ruth Daugherty, a lay delegate from the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference, ponders legislation at plenary sessions on Monday, April 30.  On the table sits the “Daily Christian Advocate,” containing all of the legislation for General Conference.

EPA Lay Delegate Ruth Daugherty Offers Insight on the General Conference Legislative Process

How does General Conference take action on over 1600 petitions  submitted by local church members, Conference boards, and agencies of the United Methodist Church?  Thirteen legislative committees (Church and Society A & B, Conferences, Discipleship, Faith and Order, Financial Administration, General Administration, Global Ministries, Independent Commissions, Judicial Administration, Local Church, Ministry and Higher Education, and Superintendency) met all day on Thursday to begin deliberations on petitions assigned to them.

Each legislative committee is organized with a chairperson, vice chairperson, and secretary elected by the committee’s members.   Many of the committees conduct their initial deliberations in sub-committee.

The committees will continue their work through Saturday, April 28.  Beginning the following Monday, April 30, through Friday May 4, the actions of the committees will be considered by the 988 delegates in the plenary sessions.  All of the committee and plenary sessions are bathed in worship and prayer.

Ruth A. Daugherty, Faith and Order Legislative Committee