Election of Delegates

Tellers collect ballots at 2011 Eastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference.  Ballots were counted electronically.


GC and NEJ: Mary White, Judith K. Ehninger, Thomas Gibson, Ruth A. Daugherty, Brenda Tildon
NEJ: Jordan Harris, Candace Carter, George Hollich, Elisabeth (Lisi) Santos Fisher, Ann Jacob
Alternates: Lenora Thompson, Jason Perkowski, Jane Bonner


GC and NEJ: James B. Todd, Robin M. Hynicka, Lillian C. Smith, Dawn Taylor-Storm, Tracy L. Bass
NEJ: Doris K. Dalton, Alan J. Smith, Joseph DiPaolo, Christopher Kurien, Andrew Foster
Alternates: Dorothy Watson-Tatem, Michele Wright Bartlow and Bronwyn Yocum


GC and NEJ: These delegates will attend both the 2012 General Conference and the 2012 Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference.

NEJ: These delegates will attend 2012 Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference.

Alternates: Will serve as a delegate at the 2012 Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference if one of the elected delegates cannot attend the NEJ Conference.

2012 General Conference (GC) will be held April 24-May 4 in Tampa, FL.

2012 Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference (NEJ) will be held July 18-20, 2012 in Charleston, WV.