CCYM: Penny War and Blessing Bags!

CCYM will be doing a penny/change war against the districts. By putting change in your districts cup, you will get positive points, if you put paper money into another districts jar, that district will get negative points.  If you donate more then 2 dollars worth of change you will get a ticket and if your your district wins- you can bring back your ticket to our booth and get a special prize. If your district loses, your DS will have to endure a humiliating defeat with a unique “loser” prize.

Blessing Bags: At Annual Conference CCYM will also have a collection box for Blessing Bags, which was something our youth developed at our March Spark Retreat. These bags include different supplies for homeless people.We have made 100 bags so far! Below is more information about the bags.

Did you know that in 2009 the amount of homessless people was110,911 and in 2011 it jumped to 266,968 !?Another interesting fact is that sixty five percent of all Americans will be at one point in life will be below poverty and sixty percent of those people have children? The idea of a “Blessing Bag” is to gather supplies and put those supplies into bags  that homeless people can use.

 We will be gathering supplies for these “Blessing Bags” for the Allentown Rescue Mission and other charities of that nature. You can donate supplies for this incredible opportunity!

Here is what a “Blessing Bag” entails, and possible donations you could make:

  • Gallon Zip Lock Bags
  • Soaps/ Deodorant
  • Individual snacks (granola bars, crackers, fruit snacks, trail mix, fruit cups, ect.)
  • Little travel size Tylenol bottles
  • Tooth brushes
  • Travel size toothpaste/ mouth wash
  • Water bottles/juice boxes
  • Socks
  • Sunscreen
  • Band-Aids
  • Gift cards to fast food places/ coffee places in small amounts of money
  • Gloves (New or barely used)
  • Baby Wipes
  • Personal care items (Nail Clippers, Combs, Chap-Stick, ect.)
  • Toilet paper
  • Plastic rain poncho
  • Men’s razors

Basically anything you can think of that would help people that are down on their luck!