2019 Annual Conference

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Delegates elected to GC2020 and to the NE Jurisdictional Conference 2020:
  • Clergy: The Revs. Dawn Taylor-Storm; Andrea Brown; Lydia Muñoz; and Johnson Dodla.
  • Laity: Judy Ehninger; Krystl Johnson; Ann Jacob; and Lenora Thompson

Delegates elected to the NE Jurisdictional Conference 2020:

  • Clergy: The Revs. Robin Hynicka; Daniel Lebo; Edward Locke Cameron; Hannah Bonner
  • Laity: David Koch; Samuel Longmire; Clarita Anderman Krall; Elizabeth Fisher

Alternate delegates elected:

  • Clergy:  The Revs. Christopher J. Kurien; Mandy Miller; Monica Guepet
  • Laity:  Matthew Calderone; Kristine Adams; Susan Grimm Mattox

Download Delegate Bios:

Front (seated-from left): Kristine Adams, Krystl Johnson, Rev. Dawn Taylor-Storm, Judy Ehninger, Susan Grimm Mattox.
Middle (standing, from left): Lenora Thompson, Clarita Anderman Krall, Rev. Andrea Brown, Rev. Hannah Bonner, Ann Jacob, Rev. Monica Guepet, Rev. Mandy Miller, Rev. Christopher J. Kurien, Rev. Edward Locke Cameron.
Back (standing, from left): Rev. Johnson Dodla, David Koch, Rev. Daniel Lebo, Matthew Calderone, Samuel Longmire, Rev. Robin Hynicka.
Not pictured: General Conference delegate the Rev. Lydia Muñoz and NE Jurisdictional Conference delegate Elizabeth Santos Fisher.

Photo by Paul Davis.

Messages from 2019 Annual Conference:

Rev. Rob Renfroe
Good News leader calls for UMC division in 2020

By Jane Bonner*

The Rev. Rob Renfroe, President and Publisher of Good News**, spoke to the Annual Breakfast gathering of the Eastern Pennsylvania Evangelical Connection on June 14,during the Eastern PA Annual Conference. Bishop Peggy Johnson and her husband, Rev. Michael Johnson, attended, along with District Superintendents Steve Morton and Bumkoo Chung… Read more

Samuel Longmire
Opening Worship Message, AC2019

Message by Samuel Longmire

A couple years ago when I was a sophomore at Lancaster Bible College, I was eating lunch in the dining commons each day, and I began to notice something: I noticed that—besides just students coming to eat lunch and hang out with friends, there was also always a handful of older folks spread out along the perimeter of the commons in the booths having lunch with students, usually with just one or two at a time—talking, listening, praying with them… Read more

Krystl Johnson
The FAQs (as in Frequently Avoided Questions): A Millennial Update

2019 EPA UMC Laity Address by Krystl Johnson

Good Morning, everyone. I’d like to start by reading a few verses related to this year’s Annual Conference theme—Tell the Coming Generations. The book of Psalms, Chapter 78. Starting at verse 2. It reads this:

I will open my mouth in a parable; I will utter insightful sayings of old, which we have heard and known, what our fathers have told us.

We will not hide them from their children but will tell the coming generation the praises of the LORD, and His strength, and the wonderful works that He has done… Read more


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