First Quarter 2018 EPA Financial Update

Dear Conference,

Below for your information is an overview of the EPA financial data for the period through March 31st, 2018.

 Connectional Ministries Fund
  • Church giving for the Connectional Ministries Fund (CMF) was $805,665 through March 2018.
  • Local church giving to CMF was $91 thousand more than budget and $8 thousand more than March 2017.
  • Expenses through March 2017 was $560,303 that was $181 thousand less than the year-to-date budget.
 All Funds
  • The local churches paid $3.38 million or 20% of the total billed to all churches.
  • The apportioned funds (CMF, WSF and GCF) giving through March 2018 was $1.24 million or 19% of total budget. The amounts through March 2017 was $1.34 million or 20% of the budget.
  • This is a slight percentage decrease from the prior year when local churches paid 21% of total billed.
 Resolution 2012-21 Update
  • The current total from all three components of the resolution is $5.12 million as of March 31, 2018. The increase was due to audited budget surplus for year-end 2016 of $299 thousand.
  • The updated figures from Fulfilling Our Covenant are as follows:
    1)     $3.93 million pledged
    2)     $3.46 million paid (88% of total pledged)