September 2017 EPA Financial Update

Dear Conference,

Below for your information is an overview of the EPA financial data for the period through September 2017.

 Connectional Ministries Fund

Church giving for the Connectional Ministries Fund (CMF) was $2,336,003 through September 2017.

Local church giving to CMF was $121 thousand more than budget and $147 thousand more than September 2016.

Expenses through September 2017 was $2,187,703 that was $218 thousand less than budget.

 All Funds

The local churches paid $11.30 million or 64% of the total billed to all churches.

This is an improvement over the prior year when local churches paid 63% of total billed.

The apportioned funds (CMF, WSF and GCF) giving through September 2017 was $3.92 million or 59% of total budget.  The amounts through September 2016 was $3.83 million or 58% of the budget.

 Resolution 2012-21 Update

The current total from all three components of the resolution is $4.50 million as of September 30, 2017.

The updated figures from Fulfilling Our Covenant are as follows:

  1. $3.9 million pledged
  2. $3.3 million paid