Laboring for Lancaster: The difference a day makes

Church-going Christians know Sunday is a day of worship; but it was a day of “work-ship” for about 200 people who descended on downtown Lancaster, Pa., recently; and indeed, it… Read more

Latino Ministry Report to Office of Connectional Ministries, September 2014

The work of the kingdom will never run out.  We are constantly moving toward the goal that was set before us by our Lord: “Go and make disciples, teaching them… Read more

Judicial Council hears arguments on Schaefer case

By Linda Bloom  Oct. 22, 2014 |MEMPHIS, Tenn. (UMNS) The question of whether an appeals committee was correct in restoring the clergy credentials of the Rev. Frank Schaefer was argued… Read more

Church members join climate change march

Adapted from an article by Linda Bloom (UMNS) NEW YORK—Gabriel, who is “almost 5,” was trying to stand patiently with his father, Tim Emmett-Rardin, from Calvary UMC University City in… Read more

Church teams to benefit most from stewardship event

“New Vision.” ” New Strategies.” “Keys.” ” Best Practices.” Those outcomes are what Clif Christopher’s four top-selling church stewardship books offer. And for anyone smart enough to attend one of… Read more

“Aksanti Sana” to and from East Congo United Methodists

Expressions of thanks were heard and received all across the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) as a group of bishops and general secretaries from the United States made its… Read more

Tanzanian missionaries to visit EPA in October

– Click here for a schedule of the Missionaries’ visits. – Click here to read a recent mission report (May-August 2014) and view photos of progress and concerns of the UMC of… Read more

Eric Carr, standing in church sanctuary

“Worship Experience”

At times it may appear to seem increasingly difficult to worship.  As we move through different stages in life and perhaps even deal with hardships or tragedies, many times we… Read more

Church leaders learn tough truths from stewardship expert

“We’re struggling,” said the Rev. Steward Warner of his church, First UMC Perkasie. “That’s why we’re here.” “Here” was the “Keys to Effective Financial Ministry” seminar at Glen Mar UMC… Read more

August 2014 Financial Update

Conference Budget – Schedules A & B Please reference Schedule A and Schedule B for a summary of the conference budget through August 2014. As a result of the faithful… Read more