Financial Update - November 2012

FundingConference Budget
Please reference Schedule A and Schedule B for a summary of the conference budget for November 2012. 

The total annual budget for 2012 shows revenue of $3,400,000 and expenses of $3,050,136. The conference expense budget for 2012 is 8.6% less than total spending of $3,337,689 in 2011. The local churches support the conference budget through the CMF bill. 

Through eleven months of 2012, revenue from church giving to CMF totalled $2,968,935 This was $147,732 or 5% less than budget, and $80,956, or 3% less than the November 2011 total. The amount churches paid to CMF for the month of November was $270,364 and this was $3,832 less than the amount churches paid in November 2011. To reach the 2012 budget goal of $3.4 million, $431,065 is needed in December. In 2011, a total of $479,870 was paid by local churches toward CMF in December. 

Volunteers needed for hurricane clean-up

Bob Simcox, Emergency Response Team Coordinator, left, worked with a team of Early Response volunteers who cleaned up debris in Montgomery County following Hurricane Sandy.

In his message below, Bob requests volunteers for upcoming response teams:

Pennsylvania Response

December 15-16 Volunteer weekend. We need volunteers for tree clean up in Bucks and Montgomery County areas.  Clearing ground areas only. The focus for this weekend is not any kind of home repairs. 13 Residents have needs to remove tree debris.  Please register by filling out the Volunteer link below. I only know of 12 people from the UMC that have contacted me that they are going at least on Saturday. And a few Sunday. 

Scout Annual Charter Agreements


Scouting Museum

GCFA and the Boy Scouts of America have been in discussions concerning areas of concern in the charter agreements signed by our United Methodist Churches. During that process  an arrangement has been worked out for a six  month extension of all current charter agreements.

A final draft of the new agreement should be available within the six month extension and will be provided to local councils. Therefore the annual charter agreement should not be signed at this time. Troops sponsored by local churches should register as usual but not sign a new charter agreement until the agreement is amended.

2013 Bishop's Midwinter Retreat: REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED

Bishop's Mid-winter Retreat for clergy and spouses
January 8-10, 2013, .5 ceu awarded
Keynote Speaker: Rev. Jim Walker of Hot Metal Bridge




Tuesday, January 8, 2013
12:00 noon        - Registration
2:00 p.m.            - Opening Worship and Speaker
6:00 p.m.            - Dinner

2012 Safety Newsletter: New Crib Standards


cribThis is a follow up to our October 2011 Safety Watch newsletter "Update the Cribs in Your Nursery," which detailed the new federal safety standards for full-size and non-full size baby cribs, as ordered by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.  The new safety standards aim to keep children safer in their cribs and prevent deaths resulting from detaching crib drop-sides and faulty or defective hardware.

Make sure you are prepared for the new standards to take effect on December 28, 2012! Download the Safety Newsletter to see details.

Business Standard Mileage Rate Increases to 56.5¢ in 2013


The IRS has announced that the business standard mileage rate for transportation expenses paid or incurred beginning January 1, 2013, will be 56.5 cents per mile, up one penny from the rate in effect during 2012 [Notice 2012-72, released 11-21-12;].

The mileage rate may be used to compute the amount to reimburse employees who are using their own cars for business purposes. It may also be used by employers that elect to use the "cents-per-mile" valuation method for purposes of determining the amount that needs to be imputed to an employee's income for personal use of certain company-owned or leased non luxury vehicles (see The Payroll Source®, p. 3-22).

In addition, the 2013 standard rate for miles driven for medical or moving purposes will increase to 24 cents per mile, up from the 23 cents-per-mile rate in effect during 2012.

2012 Holiday Safety Newsletter

christmas decorations

Christmas is fast approaching and many of us are deep into preparation and decorating for the holiday. This edition of the Safety Newsletter from EHD and Church Mutual Insurance Company outlines some key safety tips to help you have a safe Christmas.

  • Candles
    Did you know that candles cause 45 percent of all holiday decoration fires? Since the majority of candle fires result from human error and negligence, candle fires and the damage they can cause are preventable by following a few safety tips. 
  • Holiday Lights
    Holiday lights are often overlooked as a fire hazard. Inspect holiday lights each year for worn or frayed electrical cords, damaged plugs, or loose connections before putting them up. In addition, if bulbs are missing or burned out, replace them. 

2012 Statistic Reporting


It will soon be time to prepare your 2012 Statistical Report. All churches are required to submit them using the EZRA Data Management System of the General Board of Finance and Administration.  The website address is If you are not able to complete the report on line, please contact your District Office to request a hard copy report. 

Your Username is your church’s GCFA ID Number (6 digits). You can find it in Connection Database – go to your church record and click on the “Church Admin Items” tab or look at your hard copy of last year’s Statistical Report. If you still need assistance contact your District Office.  

For your Password, please type in “stat2012” (do not include quotation marks). It is case and space sensitive, you must use all lowercase and there are no spaces. 

2013 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment: November 1-30, 2012.
Individualized enrollment letters were sent to eligible participants on November 2, 2012.
Coupons will be sent in late December or early January.
Pre-funding, if eligible, is required to enroll in retired health insurance with Eastern Pennsylvania Conference UMC.

2012-13 Winter Safety Newsletter


Snow Day

With winter weather fast approaching, it's important for your church to be prepared.  Snow, ice and freezing temperatures can pose as a potential threat for both your members and your church.  It is for that reason your church should consider developing a winter weather maintenance plan.  Some suggestions for developing this plan are available in the 2012-13 Winter Safety Newsletter.  

Special Interest Articles:

  • Snow and Ice Removal - Some churches have their own members or volunteers perform snow and ice removal.  In those cases these important tips should be considered.
  • Frozen Pipes - Freezing temperatures can result in frozen pipes inside your building, which may burst and cause extensive water damage. Tips to prevent this are included.


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